Sandstones are one of the most used natural stones. They have been in use since primitive times. They are soft and easy to curve and thus have been in use for the creation of statues, buildings, pavements and what not. But what makes the sandstone such a sought-after natural stone? Also, what are the various uses of this natural wonder? Here we are going to discuss the qualities and uses of one of the most widely sold natural stones.

Qualities that make sandstones preferable for construction:

1. Sandstone wholesalers can proudly advertise their range of products as acid proof. It is because sandstones are composed of, or contain a high quantity of, quartz grains which is resistant to abrasion caused by acid.

2. Sandstones are easy to clean and therefore, they do not need much maintenance. In spite of their porous nature, sandstones can be cleaned effectively, with the help of basic cleaning agents.

3. One factor that makes sandstone distributors a major part in the construction business is the bonding property of sandstones. They are highly compatible with all kinds of adhesives and cement.

4. Sandstones are extremely durable. Their resistance to moisture and porosity makes them capable of enduring constant water contact and even the attack of a cannonball or torpedo.

5. You can find a wide variety of sandstones, at the sandstone suppliers Australia, in terms of thickness, split capability and also colors. Sandstones are available in the rarest of colors while the most common ones include tan, white, yellow, grey, etc.

The different use of sandstones:

1. Indore:

Sandstone distributors experience heavy demand for the product at the interior decorators and architects as well. This is because of the shiny and decorative outlook of polished sandstone makes them suitable for landscaping, building tabletops, benches, etc.

2. Outdoor:

Sandstones are widely used for building pavements, floors, walls, ceilings, etc. Their durability and resistance against all kind of hardships make them suitable for versatile use. There are also curved into statues and monuments as they are soft and can be given any desired shape.

3. Abstract: sandstones are also used to build miscellaneous homewares such as bookends, paperweights, coasters, etc. Thus, even the smaller and residual pieces are sold out at the sandstone suppliers Australia.

Thereby, it can be concluded that not only do sandstone wholesalers experience a heavy demand but also a considerable amount of profit from their business. As consumers, people can visit various sandstone distributors and sandstone suppliers Australia to determine the perfect price and best options.
Talking about the availability of sandstones, they are sedimentary rocks and develop slowly, but luckily there are enough sandstone formations available around the world. Thus, the sandstone wholesalers can supply the consumers with as much material as needed.


Sandstones are widely used and immensely popular among natural stones for their utility in the constructional business. They are water resistant, acid proof, highly durable and are available in different varieties. They have multiple beneficial uses.